Reinvent Democracy by Creating Three Dimensional 3D Democracy


This is an easy step-by-step guide for intelligence employees. The name “Revolution” is for public use; but if you are intelligence staffs it is better to call it “Cockfighting”; and for freelance torero in this project it is called “Bullfighting”.

Certainly there are more serious guides in the West who are training and sponsoring “revolutionists” in North Africa; Libya; and other Arab and African countries, under the benign policies and institutions of democracy promotion!!

1- Buy cheap pencils; good erasers; few card sheets; paints; flags; speakers; cellphones; and many cloth sheets.

2- Write lists of: A- stooges; B- Collaborators; and C- villains (the Good; the Bad; and the Ugly).

3- Train collaborators and stooges on using different social media communication; coding; and SMS.

4- Hire some thugs and professional foreign mercenaries and keep them on alert.

5- Store big amount of banknotes before starting any disturbances.

6- Pile essential camping stuffs; medicines; and high-energy foods before markets shutdown.

7- Look for a volatile incident with the targeted oppressive regime and use it as a trigger.

8- Start a small peaceful protest against the regime responsibility in the triggering incident.

9- Order the thugs to start with torching government building and cars using petrol bombs.

10- Begin reporting to selected friendly satellite TV broadcasters.

11- Agitate the public showing the violent excessive reactions of the regime.

12- Call for more mass peaceful demonstrations to show wider discontent using graffiti; banners and boards.

13- Use the professional mercenaries and trained thugs to cause deaths on both sides of the confrontations.

14- Add chili by killing few kids and elderly from the peaceful demonstrators, if the regime did not.

15- Record and upload videos showing the regime violence; killings; and the slogans of the Revolution.

16- Distribute fiery banners; flags; paints; cards and few hand held speakers.

17- Coordinate with satellite TV channels to intensify reporting and interviews with stooges.

18- If the people did not come out in great numbers you may kill few more demonstrators.

19- Remember to withdraw your thugs and mercenaries from the battle fields before it is too late.

20- Pay your thugs and mercenaries generously and instruct them to disappear if they are no longer needed.

21- Show heated funerals worldwide with strong defiance against the brutal regime.

22- Occupy central and large parks and roundabouts with camping demonstrators.

23- Support the demonstrators with foods; utilities; money; blankets and tents.

24- Use all mosques and Friday and mass prayers for further mobilization and pressures on the public.

25- Start foreign nationals’ massive evacuation because of insecurity and falling state institutions.

26- Intensify reporting and coverage for the unrest and violence with a lot of exaggeration.

27- Start revealing all past embezzlement; corruption; oppressions and killings done by the regime.

28- Invite experts and dissidents to ensure the inevitability of regime change and international sanctions.

29- Glorify the victims of violence and the leaders of the Revolution (the collaborators); while ignoring the stooges.

30- Keep the heat on and unabated; within few weeks you get a new “free” country and “good” government.

Is this the kind of revolution free people deserve?

What kind of new system; government; and leaders they can get from such stage?

How can they trust themselves; international media and the West anymore?

Definitely, oppressed people are worthy of real genuine revolution. But how the stagnation and inaction can be removed internally and honestly? Real revolutions are rare but they are like jewels in human history. They are possible and must be organized; but the difference between genuine and dirty revolution is in the influence of foreign agenda and intelligence organs; otherwise it is just an illegal regime-change against illegitimate rule.

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