Reinvent Democracy by Creating Three Dimensional 3D Democracy


According to my information, in the runoff, he lost the election to Atta-Mills by a 50.23%–49.77% vote. That is pretty close if not a tie. This is a precarious situation. That is why I hate liberal democratic system. But you have accepted the rules of such petty politics of majority rule. In my opinion, with such high votes he should have been part of the government.

Nana Akufo-Addo and John Evans Fifii Atta Mills both are of British higher education, but Mr. Mills to a lesser extent. Mr. Nana Akufo-Addo and his party are liberal democratic and liberal conservative party of center-right; not my favorite at all. I prefer The National Democratic Congress which is a social democratic; but again the whole political system is wrong; so both choices are useless.

You strongly claim that he was once arrested at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport by US anti-narcotics authorities for allegedly possessing illicit drugs. But the Head of the US DEA (Accra Country Office) was also emphatic that in view of the information from the two “legitimate law enforcement agencies in the US” that “the subject has no criminal record in the US”. Even if something ugly happened you cannot expect the US Embassy to say the truth, for many very good reasons; that was a naïve move from the investigating unit.

If it is necessary, why not find out in Ghana rather than from outside? There are much more important issues to discuss and to inform the public about them. For example, the links and the finances of DHL, Ghana Limited; Kinesec Communications Company Limited, publishers of the Statesman; and Danquah Institute are much more revealing.

You in Ghana have obvious political, behavioral and ethnic fault lines and if you don’t act earlier and prudently you will be selling your peace; people; and oil for peanuts. You must change your superficial political system before it is too late.

From a personal analysis, I can say with 100% confidence that Nana Akufo-Addo will be the winner of next elections, regardless of the actual voting results and domestic popular support. He and Ouattara make a suitable duet in the region for Western businesses. It worth noting how a qualified lawyer and politician like him ventured into high profile businesses.

Please read and search this report- for the word “courier”- : “A Strategic Assessment of Criminal Activity and Organized Crime Infiltration at Canada’s Class 1 Airports”; found at: It is also very important to search and investigate all common and new trends of international organized crime not only to protect the society but equally important to save guard the governance, security; and political systems. Another issue of great importance is the existence and activities of international and local secret societies that include in their memberships: bankers; rich businessmen; politicians; and judges.

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