Reinvent Democracy by Creating Three Dimensional 3D Democracy


I feel very sorry that some people blame H.E. President Gbagbo for the disasters happening in Ivory Coast. Let us consider the following facts objectively to come to correct conclusions:

Laurent Gbagbo

President Laurent Gbagbo

1- Mr. Gbagbo never requested invalidation of election results; he only insisted on neutral investigation to voters registration and demanded voting recount;

2- Mr. Ouattara; the French; and the UN refused any recount or inquiry on alleged malpractices; and defied the constitutional law of the land by creating the Gulf hotel base;

3- Mr. Gbagbo is not a businessman but he and his wife are faithful nationalists and Africanists;

4- After many years as a president, Mr. Gbagbo is not at all a wealthy man and his is not corrupt at all;

5- The French and the UN used bloody military means to install Mr. Ouattara as a president; these are illegal acts;

6- Mr. Ouattara and his wife are yet to prove to the Ivorian people that they are Ivoirians in the true sense;

7- Lamenting Paris of Africa is only fit for a privileged minority; the status of Abidjan city is actually a result of corrupt national development policies of Mr. Boigny;

8- Ivory Coast needs a lot of time and serious efforts to correct the huge disfigurations made by the autocratic regime of Felix Houphouet Boigny who is the godfather of Mr. Ouattara;

9- Mr. Gbagbo records prove that he is not blood-thirsty or a dictator; while the latest events are evident of the new regime in Ivory Coast;

10- The biggest mistakes of Mr. Gbagbo were his good faith in the rule of international law and the UN; and his peaceful approach with Mr. Ouattara and his backers;

11- Mr. Gbagbo must be hailed for transforming Ivory Coast to multiparty democracy against the established clique of Mr. Felix Houphouet Boigny.

12- The successes of Mr. Gbagbo are the results of the wide national trust and support from the Ivorian people; and against the plots and might of France and their local collaborators;

13- Papa Houphouet was good for peace and economic prosperity for only the few and the national interests were among his interests; and surely he was not working for honest governance and political participation;

14- Let us examine and compare the records of numbers of political prisoners; cases of corruption; assassinations; wealth disparity; economic and social welfare; and equal opportunities during the three eras;

15- How best to serve the Ivorian national interests in dealing with French; foreign; and the selected interests;

16- There are a lot of causes for concerns from the erosion of national security and national identity in northern Ivory Coast invading from neighboring countries; (the same is increasing in Ghana especially with oil prosperity);

17- France with it bloody shameful history of exploitation and colonialism cannot be sincere in supporting democracy or development in any country before they pay back the loots and debts;

18- While the best African minds and hands struggle to achieve modest recognition in Europe and the US, the least qualified Europeans are highly paid and privileged in Africa;

19- The sudden French hypocritical interests in human rights and democracy in Ivory Coast are disguise for unethical business plans for exploitation in new discovered natural resources and wealth;

20- Let anyone know that African profits made from chocolate and oil industries are just minute fractions. Greed; dishonesty; and violence never serve the goals of democracy and development.

21- The presence of huge numbers of refugees and victims are clear votes of no confidence and aversion to the new regime in Ivory Coast.

Mr. Laurent Gbagbo; popularly acclaimed as a Messiah of Ivorian democracy, he put an end to Felix Houphouet Boigny’s one party state. What the regime of Mr. Ouattara will be remembered for other than: French forces; violence; foreigners; refugees; and business empires?

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