Reinvent Democracy by Creating Three Dimensional 3D Democracy

I strongly believe that NO honorable country should recognized the rebels at all now or ever.

The NTC is a puppet of the looting West who are scrambling for oil and “humanitarian” and “rebuilding” contracts.

Although all people must reject tyranny; but bringing credible change to Libya or anywhere cannot be done under the leadership of wicked NATO, Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron, Gulf Emirs, and Islamist and terrorist mercenaries.

The so-called Arab Spring is a naked and ugly illegitimate regime change against carefully selected corrupt regimes in the Arabia and in North Africa regions.

If any state recognizes and legitimizes such take over then that is a universal approval of foreign intervention and unlawful use of force to install whoever in power.

The war in Libya is between two evils. The bigger devil is NATO, Islamists, and Gulf Emirs coalition against the lesser devil of the tyrant and colonizer Gaddafi regime. I wish both of them to go to deepest hell. But first let the lesser evil inflict huge damages and humiliation on the bigger devil.

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