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It Is High Time to Fight Back

Libya and North Africa are all integral part of Africa and not as the corporate media is trying and succeeded in portraying that real Africa only starts south of the Sahara.

Now Africa must declare war in defense of its people; its territories; its dignity; and its wealth.

The retaliatory war of defense is against Neoliberalism ideology; NATO military; the financial and banking system; transnational corporations; Globalization; and Western liberal democracy.

If we cannot win a conventional war because of lack of superior war machines then we have no other choice than to:

1- Target and depose all Western collaborators and puppets;

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2- Boycott businesses; contracts; and products of the NATO states;
3- Reject in the strongest terms any association with Western liberal democracy and Western life style;
4- Build and strengthen strategic alliances with South America and Asia, including Russia; China; and India;
5- Design and establish a genuine and national new democracy;

6- Withdraw from the UN; IMF; WB; ICC; and WTO
7- Establish alternative international institutions;
8- Return to the Gold Standard and stop using US dollar and EU Euro;
9- Stop any form of security and military cooperation with NATO states;
10- Withdraw all capital and investments in NATO states’ banks;

11- Establish African; Asian; and South American financial and banking system;

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12- Restrict the size; number of missions; and movement of NATO states diplomats;
13- Cancel the licenses of NATO states banks;
14- Pass laws to declare the illegality of any international secret society;
15- Limit the number of expatriates from NATO states who hold highly paid jobs or own big business in Africa;

16- Terminate all mining; oil; and services contracts with NATO states;
17- Relocate all graduate scholarships in NATO states to other countries;
18- Limit the access to all forms of NATO states public media and communications;
19- Cancel the licenses of NATO states’ humanitarian NGOs;
20- Severe diplomatic ties with any state attack any African state under any excuse.

Africa must take strong stands or otherwise they will hit us one by one until we are finished.

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