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The former French Interior Intelligence chief (DCRI: Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence), Yves Bonny, said to (elKhabar) an Algerian newspaper ( text) on Saturday that France has lost its principles and honor and credibility in Libya.

Yves Bonny former DCRI chief

Bonnie Said: “France may have won the money, and this is not happening yet, but I am afraid that France has lost its principles and honor and credibility, and commitment to Africa. Nothing explains allow France to abandon its democratic principles which it had built .. give up our principles is dangerous” .

“The French newspapers are talking day and night about the huge funds received by France and the oil contracts, contracts that they are about 150 billion euros. I wonder what is the price of these contracts for the reconstruction of Libya …”

Bonnie stressed on the lofty principles that he believes in the West, and France in particular, such as democracy, freedom and legality, underwent the process of the overthrow of Qadhafi’s “equation of the strongest,” regardless of the principles and values, which he said had not been respected.

Bonnie pointed out that the new Libyan authority is lacking sovereignty and legitimacy, and that the new rulers of Libya are self-appointed and endorsed by the French President and  French journalist and writer Bernard-Henri Levy.

He said they “.. went out to the public after a meeting with President Sarkozy, they became masters of the new Libya, they are not sensitive, neither in form or in content.”

Sarkozy with Libya NTC

“For those who win a war it leads them to the rule, but they (NTC) did not do war, but other people did, even the legitimacy of rule by winning the war is not there.”

He attributed the involvement of NATO’s nations in the war because they do not realize what is happening in Libya and the reality of the situation, where they are missing real appreciation of things and said, “They raise a snake and the day will come to suffer its bite, and France will be the first to get it, although I do not hope this shall happens. ”

He stressed that the fall of the Muammar Gaddafi in this way and the rise of the radical Islamic ideology to power in Libya will have an impact on the map of security in the region because the new rulers in Libya are unlikely to have the same level of cooperation that was provided by the Gaddafi and the same seriousness regarding the fight against al Qaeda.

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