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About the Partisan Ranger

How do people describe themselves without sounding pretentious?  I shall give it my best shot!  I am a native of the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina and was raised farming, hunting, tracking, fishing, and camping on the ancient lands of my Cherokee ancestors and upon the lands that my pioneer ancestors helped colonize and forge into a new nation.  My family is deeply rooted in the history of these United States.  I am a direct descendant of 24 veterans of the American Revolutionary War and 11 veterans of the War for Southern Independence.  My ancestry is Cherokee, Scottish, Prussian, and a touch of Irish.

I was taught from a young age to appreciate my God-given rights and to cherish and protect them against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  I was taught by my Southern family that government, particularly the federal government, was something to be closely watched and distrusted.  Its role is supposed to be limited and its influence minimal.  Put plainly, I was taught that government was something that was a necessary evil, but generally was something only needed to organize the people in case of invasion, not an all-powerful master.  Put plainly, we are all unreconstructed Rebels and very proud of it.

Feeling the obligation to serve my country, I enlisted in the United States Army, following the footsteps of my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and five preceding generations.  I requested service in the infantry (11B,queen of battle! Hoowah), and attended the US Army infantry and airborne school, after which I was attached to the 101st Airborne Division. I then attended the United States Army Ranger school.  Upon becoming ranger qualified, I was selected for service in the 75th Regiment and got to, in the words of writers long before, “see the elephant” in multiple engagements around the world.  After completing my active enlistment, I completed my service in the North Carolina National Guard.

While in the army, I worked on and finally completed my undergraduate degree in history with a minor in political science.  I went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in history and taught history and political science at the community college level for ten years before finally leaving the choking confines of government education to explore other trades.

I have been awake to the evils of the New World Order and the evils of international corporate socialism for more than twenty years and have been working to educate people from all walks of life through lectures, class study, and internet forums for years. I think it is absolutely important to not only educate and reinforce the history of constitutional liberty in these United States, but also to work to dispel myths that have been propagated by our enemies.

I fundamentally believe that it is the duty of all G0d-fearing Americans to take a stand upon the principles of liberty and limited government that so many before us have bled and died to defend.  I believe that these United States were ordained by God as man’s last best hope for freedom.  We are an extraordinary country, but a country that is rapidly sliding into the oblivion of statist globalized Marxism.  Once these lights of freedom (yes, these United States are 50 sovereign states) are extinguished from the earth, the dark forces of totalitarianism, socialism, monarchism, multi-national corporatism, Marxism, and globalism will trample the God-given rights of man under an iron boot of darkness.  We can not allow that to happen!  We must NEVER allow that happen! I believe that our best defense is a good offense and that offense begins with a well educated populace.  We must confront the forces of totalitarianism with knowledge and uncompromising resolve! I also believe that we must be prepared physically for whatever catastrophes that may be created, whether that be an economic collapse, foreign invasion, or a maniacal police state turned against We The People.  Coupled with that, we must be spiritually prepared.  All things are possible through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  When we get right with God individually and as a people everything will fall into place.

Lest we never forget, it does not take an overwhelming majority to win a war, it simply takes an uncompromising and unrelenting minority–a minority that will not flinch from the truth and who will sustain the sacrifices that freedom requires.  Our forefathers who marched through the snows of Valley Forge were by no means a majority, yet they confronted the world’s mightiest economic and military power and reigned victorious.  We may all have to march through the snows barefooted before this contest is settled, but we can hold our heads high that we sacrificed as free men and women who never compromised our honor and never abandoned the principle that all men are created equal and endowed with unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

May God preserve our cause!

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What is a “Partisan Ranger?”

In military terms,  partisan rangers are irregular military forces organized to oppose control of an area by a foreign power or by an army of occupation through the use of unconventional insurgent military actions.  Typically, rangers are well-trained irregular soldiers who operate deep behind enemy lines harassing enemy formations, disrupting enemy lines of supply and communication, and engaging the enemy at its weakest point to create havoc and general disruption of military operations.

From the perspective of all supporters of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights of these United States, and true supporters of states’ rights and limited republican government, we are all operating deep behind “enemy lines.”  These United States of America are under attack by a statist philosophy of centralized government intent upon destroying our sacred birthright of freedom, and replacing it with a dark globalized Marxist regime that recognizes neither freedom nor our God-given rights.

The goal of the Partisan Ranger is to wage an irregular war of information and education.  Slowly but surely, the dark forces of globalized Marxism have deliberately and effectively worked to erase the true history of these United States. Through their efforts, entire generations of Americans have been robbed of the information they need to be defenders of freedom and constitutional republicanism. Our goal is to turn the tide of the battle by spreading to the people the most effective weapon in fighting the global leviathan: Truth!  The truth shall set us free!

Sua Sponte!

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