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On September 17, 2011 OccupyWallStreet initiated an occupation of Wall Street, and vowed not to leave, until their demands were met. A set message of the exact demands has yet to be formalized, and are in progress.

The movement has now spread to select cities around the US, and is set to expand around the globe. Below is a list of several sites that now has initiated, or is in the process of initiating occupation:


Occupy Wall Street: Live Stream Video Feed

Occupy Chicago: Live Stream Video Feed | live Stream Video Feed

Occupy Cincinnati

Occupy Cleveland

Occupy Columbus

Occupy Indiana

Occupy Indianapolis

Occupy Kansas City

Occupy Michigan

Occupy Minnesota: Live Stream Video Feed

Occupy Omaha

Occupy St. Louis

Occupy Tulsa

Occupy Wisconsin

Occupy Yougstown

Occupy Binghamton

Occupy Boston: Live Stream Video Feed

Occupy D.C.

Occupy Hartford, CT

Occupy Maine

Occupy New Jersey

Occupy Philadelphia

Occupy Pittsburgh

Occupy Providence, RI

Occupy Rochester

Occupy Vermont

Occupy Arkansas

Occupy Birmingham, AL

Occupy Charlotte

Occupy Clarksville, TN

Occupy Columbus, GA

Occupy Daytona Beach

Occupy Durham

Occupy Jacksonville, FL

Occupy Knoxville

Occupy Lexington, KY

Occupy Louisville

Occupy Memphis

Occupy Miami

Occupy Mississippi

Occupy Nashville

Occupy New Orleans

Occupy Orlando

Occupy Richmond, VA

Occupy Tallahassee

Occupy Tampa: Live Stream Video Feed

Occupy Winston Salem

Occupy Albuquerque

Occupy Austin

Occupy Dallas

Occupy Houston

Occupy Phoenix

Occupy Tucson

Occupy Boise

Occupy Colorado Springs

Occupy Denver

Occupy Eugene

Occupy Las Vegas

Occupy Los Angeles : Live Stream Video Feed

Occupy Olympia

Occupy Portland

Occupy Sacramento

Occupy Salt Lake City

Occupy San Diego

Occupy San Francisco

Occupy San Jose

Occupy Santa Cruz

Occupy Seattle

Occupy Spokane


Occupy Brisbane

Occupy Frankfurt Germany

Occupy Hamburg Germany

Occupy Manchester

Occupy Melbourne Australia

Occupy Perth

Occupy the London Stock Exchange

Occupy Toronto Market Exchange

Occupy Vancouver

(The original source is on

Comments on: "OccupyWallStreet Movement Spreads in USA and the Globe" (4)

  1. Great for your reposting…keep spreading the word…as all should know…It would be best if you provide proper credit to the original source within your post .

  2. WebMaster; Thanks for correcting me. I was in a rush trying to post as fast as possible to counter the silence of the mainstream media. As you said the original source is:

  3. To achieve healthy capitalism and to protect the people from corporate abuses and corruption a new universal system of labeling of all products and services must be designed and implemented globally. The ingredients of each product or service are composed from not only the physical components but more importantly from the processes involved in the final output.

    All corporations and businesses in general must be held accountable and be observed by consumers, employees, the community, and the state departments. For this purpose a tagging system shall be put in place to measure and publicize on any product and any service on the performance of the production business for the total and each of at least the following issues:
    Executive pay
    Excessive advertisement
    Unfair advertisement
    Labor welfare
    Unions’ participation
    Capital distribution
    Political leverage
    Environmental responsibility
    Social contributions
    Fair play
    Equal opportunities
    Financial transparency

  4. From my long experience in dealing with governments in more than a dozen of them I assure you that if you slash more than half of government officials or the so-called public dis-service and throw them to the streets you will definitely get better, effective and efficient administrations.

    I am sure they are the source of corruption and corporate greed support. I have never seen in my long life any government department or an office functioning properly.
    They are excesses, idles, and the antithesis of innovation, ethics and productivity.

    People must have regular and uninterrupted access to monitor what are going on in any government office, low or high, including the judiciary, the police, the security, and the military.

    When you deal personally with a successful private business you feel your power as a valued customer even if it was unethical business. But when I personally deal with any government office I feel their arrogance and wickedness; I wish I could spit on their faces.

    The public service anywhere in the world is ten times it’s optimal size, and they are very good in employing the failures and the dishonest for life.

    To Occupy Wall Street and bring social, political, and economic justice people must axe useless officials first.

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