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World Revolution for Real Democracy


World Revolution for Real Democracy: People of the world Rise Up on October 15, and .

UNITED FOR GLOBAL CHANGE is an organization based in Spain and it works with the following:

1- Direct Democracy Now! Greece

2- Real democracy NOW (Spanish: Democracia real YA) Spain

3- Occupy Wall Street USA

4- Occupy the London Stock Exchange, UK,

5- Occupy Together, USA,

6- October 15, Events all over the World, for a full long list of cities around the World go to:

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We Need A Real Democracy!

On October 15th citizens around the world will take to the streets to express outrage at how our rights are being undermined by the alliance between politicians and big corporations.

From Democracia real YA (Real Democracy Now) we invite you to participate in this peaceful protest by joining our call to action or by calling for other actions on this date. It is time to raise our voice. Our future is at stake, and nothing can hold back the power of millions of people when they unite for a common goal.

Democracia real YA is a platform that originated in Spain to coordinate various civil mobilization groups. Under the slogan “We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers”, thousands of people took to the streets on May 15th to demand a more participatory democracy, to reject corruption in Spain’s political system, and to show our opposition to the austerity measures imposed on us.

Following the success of that first demonstration, several movements emerged. Acampadas (tent cities) were set up in central squares across the country, much like the first occupation of Tahrir Square in Cairo.

The acampadas gave rise to popular assemblies, where citizens shape their goals through an inclusive non-hierarchal decision making process. The May 15 movement soon expanded beyond Spanish borders and inspired actions in numerous cities around the world, including a mass demonstration against the Euro Pact last June 19th.

Pressured by financial powers, our political leaders work for the benefit of just a few, regardless of the social, human or environmental cost this may cause. By promoting wars for profit and impoverishing whole populations, our ruling classes are depriving us of our right to a free and just society.

That’s why we invite you to join this peaceful fight and spread the message that together we have the ability to change this intolerable situation. Let’s take to the streets on October 15th. It’s time for them to listen to us. United we will make our voices heard!

On October 15th people from all over the world will take to the streets and squares. From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, people are rising up to claim their rights and demand a true democracy. Now it is time for all of us to join in a global nonviolent protest.

The ruling powers work for the benefit of just a few, ignoring the will of the vast majority and the human and environmental price we all have to pay. This intolerable situation must end.

United in one voice, we will let politicians, and the financial elites they serve, know it is up to us, the people, to decide our future.

We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers who do not represent us.

On October 15th, we will meet on the streets to initiate the global change we want. We will peacefully demonstrate, talk and organize until we make it happen.

It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.

People of the world, rise up on October 15th!

Timeline of Occupy Wall Street

End Federal Reserve Banks

Free America from Greedy Corporations

Occupy Wall Street is about reforming the rules and institutions that control US governance system; i.e. Re-designing democracy.
And making sure that capitalism serves democracy and the people, not the other way around.
Beginning from one simple demand – a presidential commission to separate money from politics – they started setting the agenda for a new America”; and “taking to task the people who perpetrated the current economic meltdown”.

Other reasons include:

  1. Obama Administration is now at 42% approval rating and falling steadily since they took offices (
  2. 60% of US population complains about the economy; and 42% about unemployment and poverty
  3. There are more internet searches about US corruption; defense and social policies; and corporations
  4. Fast growing interest and usage of different alternative media tools, with decline of mainstream media
  5. There are more information, debates, and criticism against the FED Federal Reserve System and banks
  6. There is no a single convincing presidential program and presidential candidate for the coming elections
  7. All indicators show that Obama will be a single-term president, and the elections will have low participation
  8. The US has been stricken my many massive failures in the past decade in different sectors without recovery
  9. After a bitter experiences during the Bush Administrations, all hopes of change disappeared with Obama
  10. There is rapidly growing awareness and rejections for secret societies of bankers, politicians, and the rich
  11. The influences of money and corporations upon national policies and foreign affairs are deeply rejected
  12. There is growing fears and concerns of more US military and violent interventions abroad
  13. World peace and economy are becoming increasingly volatile due to corporate globalization and (NWO) New World Order
  14. The US educated and aware youth masses do not feel secure and heard with corporate façade democracy
  15. The Internet generations in the US and the World became more mature, serious, and objective

The following is a timeline of Occupy Wall Street (or OWS) which officially began on Saturday, September 17, 2011 as an occupation of Wall Street, the financial district of New York City and is an ongoing demonstration.

In this timeline, Occupy Wall Street is often written OWS.

Pre-Sept 17

June 9, 2011 – a Canadian anti-consumerist magazine called Adbusters registers the domain name

July 4, 2011 – independent activists register

July 13, 2011 – Adbusters makes the initial proposal for a peaceful demonstration to occupy Wall Street.

August 23 – The hacktivist group Anonymous encourages its followers to take part in the protest.

September 3 – The General Assembly meets in Tompkins Square Park to plan strategy.


September 17 (Day 1 ) – the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street gathering. An estimated 1,000 people attend on the first day. NYPD police officers prohibit protesters from erecting tents, citing loitering rules. Masses of people walk up and down Wall Street. Roseanne Barr speaks to protesters during the first day of the demonstration.

September 19 (Day 3) – the stock market opens on Wall Street for regular business. Many major news sources begin to publish articles on the occupation and Occupy Wall Street caught some mainstream media attention across a wide variety of sources.

September 22 (Day 6 ) – it is reported that a largely black crowd of about 2,000 people march from Union Square to Wall Street to protest the execution of Troy Davis. Four black men, two from the City University and two from the “Malcolm X Grassroots Movement”, are arrested during the protests.

September 23 (Day 7 ) – the action at Zuccoti Park, now renamed Liberty Plaza, across the street from finance hub One Liberty Plaza in New York City continues. The Colbert Report satirized the protests and major newspapers including The Guardian and the New York Times covered the protests.

September 24 (Day 8 ) – At least 80 arrests are made after protesters begin marching uptown, forcing the closure of several streets. Soon after the arrests, videos begin to appear around the web. In particular, public concern is raised by a video released later in the day showing young women being maced by a police officer.

September 25 (Day 9) – YouTube discloses that the hacktivist group Anonymous uploads a video around 4:30PM on this day, threatening the NYPD: “If we hear of brutality in the next 36 hours then we will take you down from the internet as you have taken the protesters voices from the airwaves.”

September 26 (Day 10) The name of the police officer who mace some young women on September 24 (Day 8 ) is revealed as Anthony Bologna. OWS claims that this incident occurred without provocation, demanding jail time for Bologna and the resignation of Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly. It is reported that Noam Chomsky has sent a public “strong message of support” to the organizers of the OWS protests. In the evening hours, filmmaker Michael Moore addresses the crowd at Liberty Plaza.

September 27 (Day 11 ) – An OWS afternoon march ends not at Wall Street but at a rally by postal workers protesting against a five-day delivery week, which many believe will severely harm the postal service and cause significant job losses. NYC Councilman Charles Barron visits Liberty Plaza addressing those gathered with public support for OWS. Later Dr. Cornel West speaks to the gathering at Liberty Plaza and opens the General Assembly. It is reported by the official Occupy Wall Street website that “nearly two thousand people gathered to hear Dr. West speak.”

September 28 (Day 12 ) – According to various sources, the board of the local union of the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU Local-100) votes to support OWS.

September 29 (Day 13) – Chris Hedges publishes a column in strong support of OWS.  TWU Local-100 uses Twitter to urge members to take part in a “massive march and rally” on Wednesday, Oct. 5. There are unsubstantiated claims that the Oct. 5 event is co-sponsored by another eight labor and community outreach organizations. Meanwhile, protesters in San Francisco attempt to occupy Citibank, Chase, and attempt to enter a Charles Schwab financial institution, with some media outlets citing OWS as an inspiration to the spread of protests.

September 30 (Day 14) – More than 1,000 demonstrators, including representatives of labor organizations, held a peaceful march to police headquarters to protest what they said was a heavy-handed police response the previous week. No arrests were reported.


October 1 (Day 15) – More than 5,000 people marched towards the Brooklyn Bridge, and hundreds marched onto its pedestrian area and car lanes, taking over part of the bridge. Traffic into Brooklyn was stopped by the police for roughly two hours. Police split the crowd into two sections, enclosing a few hundred that were on the bridge between two lines of netting and kittling them – slowly closing in and keeping them from moving about. Over 700 arrests were made, while police had to call for paddy wagons and buses to transport the arrestees, including a New York Times reporter who was on the bridge. Others who were caught on the bridge were later allowed to walk away. The remaining protestors gathered in the evening in Liberty Plaza.

October 2 (Day 16) – Videos emerged showing the police, after preventing them to do so, eventually let the protesters walk to the bridge’s main road to then arrest them on traffic disruption charges:

“Protesters started marching up the pedestrian walk way over the bridge while others tried to take the traffic lane. For a few minutes officers held the line and then they turned around and led the way up the traffic lane on the Brooklyn Bridge. From what I saw no police told any of the protesters to leave until they created a barricade in front of the march about halfway through the bridge. They then pulled vans and buses up to the back of the group and started arresting everyone.”

October 3 (Day 17) – Hundreds of protestors in New York dress as “corporate zombies” and zombie walked past Wall Street with painted faces and carrying fake dollar bills.