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Are Arabs and Hebrews Antisemitists?

Are Arabs and Hebrews Anti-Semitists

Are Arabs and Hebrews Antisemitists?

There are simple questions but difficult to answer.

If the Arabs and the Hebrews are Semites, and sure they are, would it be right to call their unending deep animosity, hostilities and killings to each other as “Antisemitism”?

And if it is so how come?

But if not why others are labeled “Antisemitists”?

What is really “Antisemitism”? and why it is exclusive to suspicion of, hatred toward, or discrimination against Jews and does not include Arabs who are Semites too?

Why the World and the media have to bother too much about such distracting conflict?

Don’t we have more serious issues?

“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!”

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Today is the time to wake up. The day to protest against the fake. This is 2012 may be the last after this year. People are no more tied of illusionary ropes. Humanity is calling to tell your boss that he is an idiot, a complete bullshit! Rise up your voice against  celebrities, actors, politicians, kings, queens, media persons, and tell them that they are cold-blooded fake.

Tell all the secrets hidden inside that makes you suffer. Try to be left to be right. Freedom lovers! Why become upset to tell them the truth? The struggle is need be an end! The wise men should speak their mind. Money to show is valueless in front of humanity. Religions to show disrespect that make people blind to choose glossy metals without any reason.

God is blind and unable to protect animal world.  There were no fights. Mental ability is the power…

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