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Hillary Clinton and Nicolas Sarkozy

Hillary Clinton and Nicolas Sarkozy

Personally, I get strange feelings watching the expressions and statements of the United States Secretary of State and Former First Lady of the United States! I feel there must be something uncomfortable with her character.
I searched Google with “Hillary Clinton personality”. I was struck by the results which almost all the top of them confirmed my worries.

The top ten search results on March 03, 2012, are: “Hilary’s dominant personality; character of Hillary Rodham Clinton. – College of Saint Benedict …; Political Personality of Hillary Clinton — Abstract; What psychological personality tests reveal about Clinton; The Truth About Hillary – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Analysis: Why Hillary Clinton lost – Telegraph; Why Hillary Clinton let husband Bill seduce any woman in sight; Hillary is us – Hillary Rodham Clinton; What are Hillary Clinton personality traits

I think all government officials in the United Stated of America must be required by law to present a certificate of clearance from any serious psychological disorders. This is an important prerequisite not only for the national security interests of America but more importantly for the World. Psychological personality traits are very essential to ensure that the state and world affairs are in safe hands and dealt with level minds.

What concerns me most is statements like: “Hillary Clinton’s major personality strengths in a political role are her confident assertiveness and commanding presence. Her major personality-based shortcomings are a lack of empathy and congeniality, uncompromising assertiveness, and cognitive inflexibility.” which was stated by the Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics at The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

And poll survey conducted by the famous “Personal Characteristics Loom Large in Americans’ Views of Hillary Clinton” which listed things they don’t like about Hillary Clinton: Political views in general; Wishy-washy, changes mind on issues; Lack of trust; Overly aggressive, overbearing; Simply don’t like her.

“Hillary Clinton tends to feel out of place in the world, with no solid sense of security. Hillary Clinton often lives in the private world of her imagination and though she may have a very rich inner life, Clinton has the tendency to avoid doing anything productive with it. The more prosaic, material side of life either baffles or disinterests her, yet Hillary needs to develop this side of herself. Constancy, patience, and practicality are qualities that Clinton needs to cultivate.”
Was said at: Top “Hillary Clinton, general characteristics

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