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About Slain Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and EU Nobel Prize

Major-General Charles George Gordon (28 January 1833 – 26 January 1885) by Freres

It is really getting ever-increasing strong believe that the world is governed by global gangsters.

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed or assassinated just like Major-General Charles George Gordon (28 January 1833 – 26 January 1885) in 1885 in Sudan. Both were deliberately left on their own because their English and American administrations wanted them to be eliminated without getting blood on their hands.

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU reminds me of another absurd event, that is giving it to Obama immediately at the beginning of his bloody first term. The EU is an evil plan and it is not about any good values. No one shall be surprised if the next Laurent winner is Germany or Angela Merkel. Other future candidates must include the WB, the IMF; and a bunch of big fat fraudulent  banks.

As it was described by Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Friday who said the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union was a “tragic mistake“, AFP reported.
“I really thought it was a hoax, a joke. I couldn’t imagine even in a dream that someone could be serious about it,” added Klaus, quoted by the CTK news agency.
The Nobel Committee announced Friday it had awarded its annual peace prize to the EU which had transformed a continent ravaged by war into one of peace.
Klaus also slammed the prize being awarded to an institution, saying it made sense if awarded to “a specifically defined personality for a certain unique achievement.

“Freedom and democracy are shivering in the corner similar to the way it was in the regimes we experienced in the 20th century in Europe,” he said.
“It is an empty prize if given to an institution, moreover a bureaucratic one in this case. I don’t know if anyone will dare to actually receive it,” said the 71-year-old, whose second and last term as president expires in March 2013.
The Czech Republic, an ex-communist country of 10.5 million, joined the EU in 2004 but has not yet joined the debt-ravaged EuroZone.

Petr Hajek, deputy head of the office of Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who once supported the EU but has since turned against it, said the EU lacked “democratic legitimacy” and was contributing to “animosity among nations”.

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