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US Military, Intelligence, and Administrations are # 1 Terrorists

US Military, Intelligence, and Administrations are # 1 Terrorists

US Unified Combatant Commands map

US Unified Combatant Commands map

It needs NO deep thinking to know that the USA “War Against Terrorism” is actually the very “Terrorism” that they had invented and fooled the world with it.

  1. Why the USA invaded Iraq and stayed there?
  2. Why the USA bombed Libya and turned this small prosperous nation into tribal militias?
  3. Why the USA assisted in creating a fake “Arab Spring”?
  4. Why the USA is silent about non-democratic Gulf Arab sheikhdoms?
  5. Why the USA is vehemently hostile against Syria and Iran?
  6. Why the USA is keeping large and dangerous presence in south Asia?
  7. Why the USA is using the NATO for indirect military interventions in Asia?
  8. Why the USA is insistent on maintaining military presence in Africa (AFRICOM) despite strong objections?
  9. Why the USA has a staggering military and intelligence budget?
  10. Why the USA controls the UN?

The “War Against Terrorism” is a secret agenda to create terrorism. It must have included the following polices:

  1. To become the # 1 supplier of light and heavy weapons and explosives.
  2. To increase the already strong historic relationships between international secret societies and Islamic organizations.
  3. To destabilize and topple nationalist Arab governments with the help of Islamists and Gulf Arab sheikhdoms.
  4. To strengthen the alliance with Turkey and its killer secret societies.
  5. To provide indirect and direct military, intelligence, and financial support for militant religious and ethnic groups in Africa and Asia.
  6. To engineer and direct regime-change in African and Arab countries.
  7. To wage an undeclared war and carnage against Shia’t Muslims and create bloody conflicts between Shia’t and Sunni Islam.

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