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Syria Chemical Weapon Attack

Syria Chemical Weapon Attack

Forget all the rubbish that being showered on us by the Western government-controlled propaganda offices and so-called media. This is necessary particularly with the BBC; CNN; France24; and the like.

Any sensible and decent person must feel outrage and disgust from those cheap top politicians and head of states that are deliberately making unfounded and arbitrary judgments and lying to make a case for war against Syria.

Let us think reasonably. If it really happened, the world must certainly know Who Gassed the Syrian People? The suspects are seven:

1-    The Syrian Government;

2-    The Islamist rebels;

3-    The Syrian opposition;

4-    Some Western intelligence apparatus;

5-    The Israeli MOSSAD

6-    An Arab Gulf state sponsored group or rebel;

7-    A Turkish secret service or a secret society.

Despite the least possible perpetrator is the Syrian Government rubbish media and cheap top politicians are insisting that the Syrian Government is guilty. They are also lying when saying the planned bombing and arming rebels and mercenaries for years are not aiming at regime change.

Russia; China and the rest of the BRICS group must accelerate and widen their coalition to lead the free world from the evils and shit of the White race and their Arab extremists and Gulf puppets.

Comments on: "Who Gassed the Syrian People?" (2)

  1. Well gee don’t stereo type,there is a lot gotod people who don’t like or agree with the west,I wouldn’t be on this site if I believed the western government

  2. It is more important to speak out against aggression and arbitrary judgments and lying than on my opinion on the White race

    Sorry but my opinion on the White race is not stereotype. It is a well justified opinion.

    Wherever you look on Earth you find many evidences proving that The White Race Is Full of Evil & Shit.

    Look now and into the past. Let us just start from Jesus time and the Roman Empire. Or we can begin from the colonial era and Trans-Atlantic slavery.

    The two great European wars that are called “World Wars” are further manifestations of how devilish is the White Race.

    In the Americas look at the USA; Mexico; and Canada to see how white foreigners subjugated the indigenous peoples and other brought slaves and settlers. Brazil; Chile; Panama; Argentina; Cuba; Venezuela; and South America as a whole would have been much peaceful and prosperous if the White Race did not exist or disappeared or at least kept away from them. The same happened in Australia; New Zealand and the many islands.

    In Asia, Vietnam; China; Japan; Korea; India; Russia; the Philippines; Saudi Arabia and the rest all suffered from the White Race.

    In Africa, not a single country was saved from the evils of the White Race. The Congo DRC; South Africa; Nigeria; Mali; Senegal; Ivory Coast; Ghana; Egypt; Libya; Algeria; Angola; Mozambique; Ethiopia; Kenya; Madagascar; The Guineas; and all other African countries were looted and are being looted right now by a devil called “the White Race”.

    All countries of the World must put an end to the various machinations of the White Race. To begin with, they must boycott and prevent the White Race from coming to their lands and from having any business with them.

    Only after the White Race really cleans itself then they can be accepted in the international sphere. The World will live in great happiness without the crooked White Race.

    Call me racist! No Problem at all, but it is well-justified opinion that The White Race Is Full of Evil & Shit. I don’t hate them; but I am certainly aware of how harmful they were and are.

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