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Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to 26 April 2015

Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog

Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog

Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to April 26, 2015
The total Visits for this blog from Sept. 16, 2011, up to April 26, 2015 , was 208,920 visits (4,822 visits as monthly average) with 4,104 visits in the last the month only.

All the posts and pages for the period are listed in descending order below (updated each mid-month):


Title                                         Views

Who Are the Fulani People & Their Origins?         38,296
Obama – Product of Illuminati Breeding Program?       25,653
Best Articles on the Wonderful Sodium Bicarbonate      22,991
Anti-Fungal Treatment for Candida and Intestinal Yeast Overgrowth      21,390
Home page / Archives             13,444
Leo Zagami, Ex-Illuminati Issued Dire Warning             6,491
Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State  4,057
The Swadeshi Movement            3,325
US Debt in Graphs and Charts            2,161
Yeast is Magical and Vital to Human Health            2,119
Illuminati Showdown in Middle East            2,076
U.S. Mass Incarceration of Black Men 1,900
Overview and Types of Fungal Infections           1,836
Who Killed John F. Kennedy?                   1,764
Check Here How Healthy Is Your Diet and Nutrients Sources              1,738
US Federal Government Major Corruption & Scandals Since 1945            1,570
American Militarism and Hegemony of Military Establishment           1,431
Any Form of Imperialism Is Utterly Evil         1,285
The Illuminati Plan for 2012: Newt Gingrich vs. Barack Obama      1,213
Political Assassinations in the World     1,212
Muslim Brotherhood- Illuminati Tools      1,198
Truth, Propaganda & Media Manipulation             1,120
Successful Treatment for Vitiligo and Arthritis and Others             1,103
Best Essential Free Software (Freeware) For Personal Computers     1,083
Sodium Bicarbonate Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment      1,013
Anglo-Saxon Economy Is Most Dangerous Threat for World Peace       1,004
America Supports “Democracy” by Hook and Crook       996
The House of Rothschild         907
When The Rothschilds Dial 911           887
Restoration of Normal Flora in the Body by ANTI-FUNGAL DIET        758
More Than One Assassin Killed J.F.Kennedy          741
Nigeria’s Boko Haram Could Be a Western-backed Insurgency         731
Neoliberalism: Origins, Theory, & Definition Part One/ Four Parts         696
Racial Inequality in Modern United States of America        682
Illuminati Assassins             679
ARAMCO & The House Of Saud           669
What To Do To Candida & Fungal Overgrowth?        656
The West With Islamists Fake Spring Targets Nationalism; Russia and Iran     602
Liberal Nationalism: Healthy Balance between Nationalism and Liberalism     599
Contact Form     591
Ashamed America and Corrupt Liberal Democracy            586
Quotes and Comments Attributed to Prince Philip        550
What Are Qatar Regional Political Roles & Ambitions?      546
A Chat Between Christian and Muslim in Lebanon     545
Human Rights Investigations HRI on Crimes of Obama & His NATO in Libya       530
The RAND Corporation: America’s University of Imperialism    530
War is Business and Business is Good: the USA Rule        523
Hillary Clinton Personality Prompt Desire to Pursue Fights           522
The Three Pillars of National Liberalism       516
Baking soda, cancer and fungus        498
About Tarig Anter           497