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Are Humans Really Intelligent Creature

Are Humans Really Intelligent Creature

No doubt that ants and jackals created no TV or rocketed to space; and mice did not use atomic bombs. We can also be reasonably sure that bees and elephants do not paint or write books. But we are not aware if microbes and fish or birds do not sing or communicate in any unknown ways; or if they have fraudulent professional athletes and politicians.

Let us think again about our conception of intelligence and many other values. It is clearly obvious that humans created a lot of very stupid and corrupt things; and we made uncountable horrendous criminal acts. But still we arrogantly claim that humans are an intelligent creature.

I guess that there are so many other creatures in this unending universe who look down on us and regard us as miserable and useless dangerous a**holes.

Intelligence, as well as many other practices like business; justice and success, must be overhauled and redefined in human minds; particularly among the White race.

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