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Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog

Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog

Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog

Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to April 26, 2015
The total Visits for this blog from Sept. 16, 2011, up to April 26, 2015 , was 208,920 visits (4,822 visits as monthly average) with 4,104 visits in the last the month only.

All the posts and pages for the period are listed in descending order below (updated each mid-month):


Title                                         Views

Who Are the Fulani People & Their Origins?         38,296
Obama – Product of Illuminati Breeding Program?       25,653
Best Articles on the Wonderful Sodium Bicarbonate      22,991
Anti-Fungal Treatment for Candida and Intestinal Yeast Overgrowth      21,390
Home page / Archives             13,444
Leo Zagami, Ex-Illuminati Issued Dire Warning             6,491
Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State  4,057
The Swadeshi Movement            3,325
US Debt in Graphs and Charts            2,161
Yeast is Magical and Vital to Human Health            2,119
Illuminati Showdown in Middle East            2,076
U.S. Mass Incarceration of Black Men 1,900
Overview and Types of Fungal Infections           1,836
Who Killed John F. Kennedy?                   1,764
Check Here How Healthy Is Your Diet and Nutrients Sources              1,738
US Federal Government Major Corruption & Scandals Since 1945            1,570
American Militarism and Hegemony of Military Establishment           1,431
Any Form of Imperialism Is Utterly Evil         1,285
The Illuminati Plan for 2012: Newt Gingrich vs. Barack Obama      1,213
Political Assassinations in the World     1,212
Muslim Brotherhood- Illuminati Tools      1,198
Truth, Propaganda & Media Manipulation             1,120
Successful Treatment for Vitiligo and Arthritis and Others             1,103
Best Essential Free Software (Freeware) For Personal Computers     1,083
Sodium Bicarbonate Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment      1,013
Anglo-Saxon Economy Is Most Dangerous Threat for World Peace       1,004
America Supports “Democracy” by Hook and Crook       996
The House of Rothschild         907
When The Rothschilds Dial 911           887
Restoration of Normal Flora in the Body by ANTI-FUNGAL DIET        758
More Than One Assassin Killed J.F.Kennedy          741
Nigeria’s Boko Haram Could Be a Western-backed Insurgency         731
Neoliberalism: Origins, Theory, & Definition Part One/ Four Parts         696
Racial Inequality in Modern United States of America        682
Illuminati Assassins             679
ARAMCO & The House Of Saud           669
What To Do To Candida & Fungal Overgrowth?        656
The West With Islamists Fake Spring Targets Nationalism; Russia and Iran     602
Liberal Nationalism: Healthy Balance between Nationalism and Liberalism     599
Contact Form     591
Ashamed America and Corrupt Liberal Democracy            586
Quotes and Comments Attributed to Prince Philip        550
What Are Qatar Regional Political Roles & Ambitions?      546
A Chat Between Christian and Muslim in Lebanon     545
Human Rights Investigations HRI on Crimes of Obama & His NATO in Libya       530
The RAND Corporation: America’s University of Imperialism    530
War is Business and Business is Good: the USA Rule        523
Hillary Clinton Personality Prompt Desire to Pursue Fights           522
The Three Pillars of National Liberalism       516
Baking soda, cancer and fungus        498
About Tarig Anter           497
Description of Windows 7 and Windows 8 Services    472
Who Really Control the World?     455
Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy     424
America’s Guide for “Unconventional” Warfare (Insurgencies) P2    422
The Gulf Cooperation Council: Rockefeller/Rothschild Puppet Monarchy     418
Why Africa Must Trash Western Liberal Democracy?…..& Their Way of Life Too?   418
Islamist Libyan Rebel Sodomized Gaddafi with a Knife       413
Illuminati, Nazis & the Illegal State of Israel     406
Global Banking Monopoly           387
Europe Soverien Debt Crisis Explained. Who Owes Who What?      373
Zionists Control World Finances; Shocking Facts from Dr. David Duke           355
Most Popular Posts on This Blog       346
Swiss Bankers, BIS & The House Of Rockefeller       343
Trash Western Liberal Democracy and Their Way of Life Too!      341
America’s Guide for “Unconventional” Warfare (Insurgencies) P1         333
The Speech That Killed John F. Kennedy        331
IMF Orders African Governments to Remove Fuel Subsidies       324
“Westerns” Panic from Thabo Mbeki Attack on Neo-imperialism in Africa         320
The Energy Vampires          316
“End the FED” and Ron Paul Political Positions      308
The West is Going Too Far Against Syria       307
Liberal Nationalism against Left and Right Politics in Africa         299
The world suffers a lot because of the silence of good people       292
Treaty of Darin (1915): New Saudi Land Came in to Existence          280
The CIA-MI6-Mossad Installed Muslim Brotherhood into Power           279
Once Again It Is All About Lebensraum and not Europe        277
HSBC: The World’s Dirtiest Bank            273
America Bully the World by Regimes Change         271
India Wary as Qatari-based Islamist Activist Yusuf al-Qaradawi Emerges as Peace Broker     269
Young Turks to Permanently Control Middle East      264
Secret Societies & the New World Order        259
The World’s Healthiest Foods      258
CIA Created Afghan Heroin Trade       256
Afghan History Suppressed: Part III: The Central Asian Grand Chessboard            246
Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf        243
Ghana Commemorates Christiansborg Crossroad Shooting          236
David Livingstone’s blog      231
Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography        228
Exposing Capitalism; Communism; & International Secret Societies     228
The European Union Is an Evil Plan       224
The Nameless War: Contineous International Thuggery            222
Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History            220
Imperialism will be buried in Africa – Resistance in Libya, Part 1 / 2       215
The Four Horsemen Behind The Oil Wars       213
Red Scare on America           211
Rothschild’s Saudi Lapdog Arms Libyan Rebels              208
For God Sake US Economy Must Be Corrected             205
Religions Against Faith          197
Inbred Oil Kings, Bush-League Crime & The End Of The Energy Oligopoly     195X democracy X africa X blog X europe X south-africa, russ
The Four Horsemen of Banking       190
Gulf Arab States Must Be Democratized Now            189
Islamist Western Secret Societies of Turkey       186
The Rothschild’s South Sudan Oil Grab       184
Rich Countries Are Draining Poor Countries from Human Resources           178
“Occupy Wall Street” Movement          176
The White Race Is Full of Evil & Shit           173
The Three Pillars of National Liberalism          173
New Understanding of Fascism is Needed Now      171
Bin Laden & The 911 Illusion: Part II: Deutsche Bank & Blackstone        170
“President Goodluck Jonathan Is A Waste Of Time” Says Isaac Osuoka        166
Best wishes for Russia and Putin    164
Was Gaddafi With or Against Africa?      163
America Humanitarian Imperialism in Uganda         162
Goldman Sachs: A Criminal Enterprise            157
Surrendering Islam    151
Mubarak & Other Sleep-Deprived Middle East Despots      150
Obama and Erdogan of Turkey; Oddly Effective Couple in a New Arab World        150
Qatar Admits It Fought Alongside Libyan Rebels against Gaddafi    149
We Are Not Alone in This Endless Universe!          147
Relationships Between Homosexuality and Mass Crimes        145
Time To Nationalize Four Horsemen Of Oil        141
The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization     141
Who Really Controls the World?        139
Sick from BBC, CNN, France 24 and JSC Lies?        135
The Invisible Government in America       134
Best Essential Free Software (Freeware) For Personal Computers       134
Three-dimensional Democracy (XYZ Democracy)       132
US Crazy War Machine    130
The International: Oil, Drugs, Guns & Kissinger Associates   127
The Globalists and the Islamists        127
Invest in a New Desktop Chassis/Case Design      126
The World’s Healthiest Foods         124
President Mugabe Rejects Western Brutal Intrusion on Africa         122
Even if I got a visa for Europe…I wouldn’t go         122
Ghana: Honor the Big Six         120
Neoliberalism: Origins, Theory, & Definition Part 3/ Four Parts      119
The Lawsuit that Could End the Gangster Rule of Western Civilization        115
The new democracy: Goldman Sachs conquers Europe           115
American-Israeli Biological Weapons Made from Fungus       113
France Corrupting & Stealing Algeria and Africa       110
How Corrupt Are Western Democracies? Part One/ 5 Parts      109
Do we really need the Politician?            108
Obama Should Be Impeached For Committing ‘War Crimes’, Said Ralph Nader   108
Afghan History Suppressed: Part I: Islamists, Heroin and the CIA     107
Thanks To Obama, The Al-Qaeda Flag Is Now Flying High And Proud Over Libya      105
Obama is a Killer: Election Campaign Credential    104
The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part 1 of Five      103
Global Underdevelopment: Montana and the Third World    100
Germany After the 1848 Spring of Nations Is NO Longer German; Neither Europe     97
Thabo Mbeki Urges Africans to Protect their Right of Self-determination from Neo-imperialism   96
U.S. Creates a Problem, Causes a Reaction, then Provides the Solution    95
All Universal Religions Are Fake!     95
Google Apologize Unreservedly for Malpractices to Mocality-Kenya       95
Break Up the Four Horsemen of Banking       93
Top Ten Basic and Cheap Foods and Supplements for Best Health        92
Better Aircraft Wings Designs Are Needed      91
The Age of Deception: Nuclear Diplomacy in Treacherous Times       91
USA-EU; Gulf Arab States and Turkey Arming Violence in Syria        90
Trillion Dollar Crime Trial leads to United Nations          90
Top Ten Healthy and Cheap Foods and Supplements       89
Afghan History Suppressed: Part II: Socialism, al Qaeda and Chevron      89
Costa Concordia Wreck Removal Alternative Proposal      87
USA Liberal Democracy is Like $#!T      87
Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive      85
Federal Reserve Transparency Act- AUDIT the FED!       84
Gene Sharp and the Theory of Soft and Undercover Coups d’États      84
Revolution against Corporate Greed Started in the USA       83
Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)     82
The Financial Times Admits Agenda For Centralized Dictatorial Global Government    82
Proposal of Tower Desktop New Design       81
Globalist Infiltration: Obama, Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood     81
US Military Spending      81
Neoliberalism: Origins, Theory, & Definition Part 2/ Four Parts       80
US Corrupt Diplomacy Assisting Islamists and Activists in Syria      80
The Corruption of Western Liberal Democracy       80
Wall Street “Half-wayers” of Generations     79
Financiers’ Reich is Buying Some European Countries         78
Nigeria Rejects Dancing On The Brink to American Rhythm      78
Western Democracy is a Financiers’ Joke        77
U.S. Constitution no longer model for developing democracies      77
Who Gassed the Syrian People?        76
History of the New World Order – Part 1 / 3        76
Ethical Corporatism Tagging System       76
Confessions of An Economic Hit Man – New Revelations    75
World Revolution for Real Democracy          75
Arab Spring and the Beasts of Globalization            74
Modern History Awareness Film Program       71
SYRIA: NATO’s Next “Humanitarian” War?          69
Corporate Globalists Are Targeting Africa to Plunder       68
The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda         68
Timeline of Occupy Wall Street       67
Squares and Rectangles Are Not Natural Forms For Buildings        66
The Saudi Paymaster         65
Slain US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and EU Nobel Prize     65
British Petroleum BP: A History: Part III        65
The International: The Offshore Petroleum Standard         65
The African Union Is Starting Its Independence             64
EU and Banks are Weapons of Mass Slavery           64
Shut Er’ Down!      63
Neoliberal Corporations & Sunnite Islamism Attacking Nationalism        63
The American Revolution of September 17, 2011           63
The Ad That May Kill the Next USA President            63
Liberal Nationalism against Left and Right Politics in Africa         62
Washington Rules, America’s Path to Permanent War            61
Bin Laden & The 911 Illusion: Part I: Patsies & Beneficiaries         61
NATO War in Libya a Face of “Neo-Colonialism”           61
Imperialism will be buried in Africa – Resistance in Libya, Part 2 / 2          60
Pougala Answers The Real Reasons for the War in Libya          59
How Corrupt Are Western Democracies? Part Five/ 5 Parts        58
Marketing Old Weapons; War Is Good!       57
Sinus Infections Caused by Fungus          56
Neoliberalism: Origins, Theory, & Definition Part 4/ Four Parts          55
Barack “Money Bags” Obama Can’t Run on the 99 Percent Ticket        55
Nationalize The Federal Reserve           55
Gulf Arab Countries Must Be Democratized Now            54
How Corrupt Are Western Democracies? Part Three/ 5 Parts         54
Earth Is a Better Place Without the Super-rich      54
Exposing Capitalism; Communism; & International Secret Societies      54
Mo Ibrahim and CDC Commonwealth Development Corporation         53
Viva Russia! Viva Putin!        52
EU Targets Central and Eastern Russia         51
Nationalism – How It Works & Why the Corporate Elite Want to Kill It?    50
Economic Choices for Sensible Humans       49
Speculators, Cartels & Myths of Scarcity      49
Assaults on Remaining Old Decency in Europe      48
USA and Turkey Sponsor Sunni Islamic Terrorists    48
Are Arabs and Hebrews Antisemitists?      48
Nothing Is Working Properly In Sudan       48
Marriage in Western Liberal Democracy      47
Gulf of Guinea Area of “Vital Interest” to USA     47
Peoples Need Robin Hood Terrorism          47
The Dangers of USA Economy     47
Three-dimensional Democracy (XYZ Democracy)      46
Save North Africa from Arab Emirs and NATO     45
The World Versus the USA; Britain; Israel; and Germany (BIGS)      45
Greece and Exiting European Hotel California       44
Rigging the Rules: unfair land deals in South Sudan       44
Ghanians; Prepare Yourself for a new President     44
Return Libya & North Africa to Africa!      44
Only Russia Fought Heroically in World War II     44
Wicked So-called Skilled Workers Endemic        43
Operation Sarkozy (Mr Sarkozy and the CIA)       42
Western Intelligences Partner Islamist to Create Terrorism       42
Why The World Full of Crime; Soccer; Sex; and Scandals      42
Occupation of New York City      42
What a Waste of Life for Refugees!        42
Benefits of Baking Soda / Sodium Bicarbonate        40
Optimum-cost Housing Companies Proposal        40
US Military; Intelligence; and Administrations are # 1 Terrorists      40
History of the New World Order – Part 3 / 3     40
Report Bad Public Service Blog     39
British Petroleum BP: A History Part I, Colonial Waster      38
NO Legitimacy For Foreign Regime Change        37
New All-in-One Desktop Computer Design      37
Sudan Technology Innovation Center (STIC) 37
Homeland Security Searches Your Facebook and Twitter           36
To Be Part of the Global “WE”? Sell The Arabs! (Turkey’s Policy)     36
OccupyWallStreet Movement Spreads in USA and the Globe    36
#2911 (untitled)      35
Create and Sell the Businesses Themselves      35
About: Living Economies Forum     35
Assessing Risks to Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa          35
How Corrupt Are Western Democracies? Part Four/ 5 Parts        34
France Lost Principles & Honor in Libya            34
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to 14 August 2012       34
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to Sept 15 2012         33
The Partisan Ranger Blog           32
The Super-rich Are Robbing & Killing Whole Nations         32
National and Correct Policy of Privatization           31
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to 16 Jan. 2013           31
The Rich are nice Not for You Stupid Immigrant! It Is for the Kids         31
Ethiopians Massacred in Libya is Part of EU Anti-Immigration Policy         30
Sarkozy Received Cash Handouts           30
British Petroleum BP: A History: Part II        30
Oppose Internet Censorship: Help Defeat PIPA And SOPA            30
The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part 3 of Five          30
The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part 4 of Five           30
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to 16 May 2012           30
How Corrupt Are Western Democracies? Part Two/ 5 Parts 29
Strauss-Kahn & The IMF/BCCI Mugger 28
Nicolas Sarkozy’s Scandals: a Guide 28
How America Went Rogue 28
Foul Sides of Development Aid Business 28
History of the New World Order – Part 2 / 3 28
The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part 2 of Five 27
The American Revolution of 917-2011 27
The West is not Genius 27
Bizarre Claim for $1 Trillion 27
Mo Ibrahim Victim or Example of Organized Capitalism 27
Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy 26
For God Sake US Economy Must Be Corrected 26
Ten Myths in the War Against Libya 25
Why I’m suing Obama administration over Libya; Says: Ron Paul 24
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to 16 March 2012 24
The Electoral Victory of Political Islam in Egypt 24
The Legitimacy of a Known New Kingdom 23
Why Poor People Are Poor? 23
USA Missing Money 22
Ron Paul Questioned the US Policies for Decades 22
Was Israel Behind Norway Terror Attacks? 22
Most Popular Posts on This Blog up to 17 Feb 2012 22
Ron Paul: America’s Last Chance 21
Putin Says US is ‘parasite’ on Global Economy 21
Open Letter to The African Union Member States 21
Is Obama America’s First Elected Dictator? says: Ron Paul 21
Can the African Union Function? 21
The Politician 2.0 and an introduction to post-Democracy 21
Crazy Wrong Side of Civilisations 21
Our moral decline: Blood-lust in the streets of Libya suffices for justice 20
Religious Extremism and Its Causes 20
Falling Trust in The European Union (EU) 19
Reinvent Democracy by creating 3D Democracy! 19
How Many Will Mourn Obama, Sarkozy, or Merkel ? 19
Libyan Rebel NTC Threaten big Algeria!! 19
DIY Western Guides: How to make a Dirty, but pretty, Revolution? 19
Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds 18
3D Democracy for People Participation in Alternative System blog in 2012 18
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to 10 Oct. 2013 18
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to 20 April 2012 18
France Rules Algeria 17
Freedom University for Leaders Project 17
Gene Sharp, The 83 Year Old Who Toppled Egypt 17
Failures & Human Rights Violations Al-Huda Prison Centre in Sudan 17
The Sudan in My Opinion 16
The Normandy Landing and World War II: The Lies Grow More Audacious 16
Algerian President Bouteflika Convicted of Theft in 1983 16
Gallup: Obama Job Approval Average Slides to New Low 16
Slash Public Service but not the Services 15
NATO, USA, France & UK Are Protecting These “Civilians”! 15
Mr. Gbagbo the Messiah of Ivorian Democracy 14
Nicolas Sarkozy suspected of financial fraud 14
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog up to 15 April 2013 14
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog from Sept 16, 2011 to Jan 16, 2012 13
Transnational Secret Societies and the New World Order 13
Why Many People Hate America? 13
Gulf Arab Regimes Must Be Democratized Now 13
Corrupt Legal System in Sudan 12
من هم صناع مصائب السودان 12
Occupy’s Pledge to FIGHT BACK 12
The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part 5 of Five 11
Are Humans Really Intelligent Creature? 11
#3093 (untitled) 10
It Is High Time to Fight Back 10
Call Off The Pentagon Dogs 10
Innovative Composite Building System 9
My 2012 annual report. 9
The In-Security Council – Dump It or Grow It? 9
Capital City Inhabitants Must Not Be Allowed to Vote 9
Gaddafi’s Message to the world, April, 2011 8
Most Popular Posts on Tarig Anter Blog from Sept. 16 to Dec. 15, 2011 7
Overweight IS Ugly and Harmful 6
Canada Shipping Quietly Bomb-grade Uranium to U.S. 6
(unknown or deleted) 6
Where ISIS supporters tweet from per million 5
Calls for NATO Occupation of Libya from Council on Foreign Relations President 5
Citizens on Top of Governments 5
Hello world! 4
Most Popular Posts on This Blog from Sept. 16 to Nov. 6, 2011 3
Universal Code of Conduct for Political Parties 2

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