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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

I was never a supporter of Syria and any other Arab country; and definitely not any Arab inherited regime or sheikhdom. Actually the problems of the Middle East concern me as much as the difficulties of living on Mars. But with the ferocious combined assault of Islamists; Globalists; Gulf Arab puppet regimes; USA; UK; France; Israel and NATO’s mercenaries on Syria I find it immoral to keep quiet and not to defend a nationalist government and the national sovereignty of Syria or any other country in similar situation.

The coordinated campaigns of violence; lies; media and plots to topple the government in Syria to install another western dummy in that region have gone too far. It is furiously insulting for decency in the world to hear or read that that strange coalition is trying to bring human rights; freedom; democracy; blab…blab…blab to the people of Syria; Egypt; Iraq; Yemen or Libya. It is really ridiculous to see who are driving the funny Arab League in the campaign towards justice, democracy and freedom.

I wish to see a counter coalition to stand up against that gang of thugs and thieves. The African Union, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, China, India, Asia and South America must act together to stop such  aggression. It is very essential that the honest nationalist Syrian opposition shall make their independent voices and actions heard.

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