Reinvent Democracy by Creating Three Dimensional 3D Democracy

Next European Imperialism

Next European Imperialism

Europe is a very small but awfully greedy continent. They have very tiny land and only a few resources that are irrelevant to their appetites. Their greed and immorality created the USA; Canada; Australia; and many other colonies all over the World.

The out-of-proportion deliberate crisis refugees coming from Africa and East Asia “the Middle East” is the first stage of a new European policy of military interventions. They scheme is to annex and create a new European Empire justified by “humanitarian” causes in Africa and East Asia. They shall claim that their duties and responsibility towards universal “human rights” and “good governance “are their motivations and goals.

The new immigrants shall be their cheap foot soldiers in their new wars of expansion.
God Save us from the Queen! But not Save the Queen.

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