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Surrendering Islam

Surrendering Islam

The subversion of Muslim politics throughout history until the present day

A book by: David Livingstone & Sahib Mustaqim Bleher

And when they meet those who believe, they say: we believe, but when they are alone with their devils, they say: we are with you, we are just making fun of them.
(Qur’an, Surah al-Baqarah, verse 14)

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This book – a transatlantic cooperation between David Livingstone and Sahib Mustaqim Bleher – takes the reader into the murky world where Arab heads of state, CIA operatives, former Nazi agents, Sufis and mainstream Muslim organisations meet. Yet it is not a work of fiction, but meticulous historic research and political analysis that opens up those links. For those who have taken Islam and its modern expression at face value, it will be an eye-opener. For those who hope that Islam will once be restored to its former glory, it is compulsory reading to help them recognise the causes of failure and avoid the same pitfalls for the future.

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About the Authors

David Livingstone converted to Islam in the USA in 1991, and has since committed himself to further understanding the true meaning of the religion. After thirteen years of research he completed his first book, The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization, which studies the evolution of the occult from ancient times to the French Revolution. This was followed by a second book Terrorism and the Illuminati, shedding light on new and more profound discoveries. Whereas those two titles dealt with religion and its subversion in general, this joint project tackles the subversion of Islam in particular.

Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher converted to Islam in Germany in 1980 and was a co-founder of the Islamic Party of Britain in 1989. His experiences in the course of Islamic political involvement in the UK and internationally led him to suspect that many Muslim organisations served other goals than those professed. Having published the title Satanic Voices Ancient and Modern by David Pidcock during the Rushdie Affair, an exposure of who pulled the strings in that exercise of public ridicule of Islam, he felt the time was right to expose what prevented Islam today from developing its full potential.

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